Why it’s time to give up on Josh Gordon


Sometimes certain people or specific events just stick with us and make us never want to relive what happen. Maybe it’s a restaurant you and your ex went to, and there is nothing wrong with the food or anything, but it just brings up that bitter thought of your ex. Someone who either broke your heart or drove you crazy.

Josh Gordon reminds me of that girl that broke your heart.

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Everything seems to be there, right? Great size, athleticism, ability to go-up and make plays on the ball. Everything on the outside seems perfect – just like that beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately, that girlfriend comes with some baggage. She’s always been beautiful and has always had options, so her level of faithfulness isn’t very high. At the end of the day she’s just not a long-term answer in a relationship.

He has been suspended three-times by the NFL and once by the Cleveland Browns on accounts of substance-abuse and violating team rules. He now faces a year-long suspension this season, putting his NFL career in jeopardy. If I were Cleveland I’d cut him, and move on.

When I’ve said this in the past I’ve had people ask:

  1. Why cut him when he’s suspended?
  2. Why let go of one of the more transcendent talents in the game?
  3. Why cut him when you could trade him?

To me, Cleveland seems a bit desperate holding onto Gordon. If this was a first-time offense, I could understand trying to workout his issues and getting him back on the field. Folks, this the third time in a two-year span he’s been punished for violating league rules. Move on.

Also, what difference has he made in the win-loss record of this team? Remember last season when the Browns were 7-4? Well, Gordon came back for five of the last six games of the season and the team actually got worse. Going 1-4 in those five games, and missing the postseason.

In 2013, he was putting up historic numbers – including a three game stretch where he totaled 649 receiving yards – and guess what? The Browns went 4-12, and lost all three games when he put together one of the more dominant performances in NFL history by a wide receiver. Quite frankly, he’s just not as important as you think.

For those that want to trade him, what do you think he’s really going to bring back? Availability is an extremely important asset in any sport or profession, and Gordon has been anything but available entering his fourth NFL season. Missing 13 games over the last two seasons, and what is expected to be the entire regular season this year.

Who would ever want to give up a top or even mid-tier draft choice for a headache like him? It wouldn’t happen, no matter what type of ability he brings to the table.

This is also a league where dynamic receivers are abundant. I asked my friends the other day: name the top five wide receivers in the NFL today? You could easily make a case for 10-12 different guys to grace a top five list. That’s how strong the position is.

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Take a look at last year’s draft. I would say a good 10 receivers are either NFL starters, or future starters.  The first-round alone featured names like Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans, and Kelvin Benjamin.

By the way, who says you even need elite receivers to be a great team anyway? Who was Russell Wilson throwing to? Tom Brady made his living throwing to Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. The position is flooded, and overrated.

Keeping a guy like Gordon on the Browns roster screams of desperation. Can the Browns organization show some pride for once? Make them earn you. Just like a strong relationship should be. How long does clingy last? Not very long.

Cleveland, give up on Josh Gordon.

What would you do with Josh Gordon? 

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