Daily Dawg Tags: What to do at No. 2?


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Monday, March 14.

Cleveland Browns:

Browns facing quarterback decision at No. 2

"With the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns have an opportunity to get an elite prospect to add to the roster. They also have an opportunity to get a quarterback."

Cleveland Browns sign two in free agency

"It may have taken them a couple of days, but the Cleveland Browns finally decided to join the free agency fun on Friday, signing a pair of players. Joining the team are offensive lineman Alvin Bailey and linebacker Justin Tuggle."

Johnny Manziel clears waivers, is now a free agent

"The Cleveland Browns released quarterback Johnny Manziel on Friday, and to the surprise of absolutely no one he cleared waivers on Saturday."

Joe Thomas could make sense as a Seattle trade target (ESPN)

"As the Seattle Seahawks continue to wade through the second wave of free agency, one need stands above all others: left tackle. And one move that could fit that description is trading for Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas."

How Donald Trump can win Cleveland’s heart – buy the Browns (cleveland.com)

"Regardless how you feel about this year’s wild election free-for-all, Clevelanders understand some things are more important than politics — faith, family and Browns football. All the more reason Ohio’s March 15 Super Tuesday primary looms so large."

Laughable folly of Berea’s elitism (603brown)

"So you say it’s your dream to work for your hometown Cleveland Browns?  How can you too get into that Haslam braintrust, you ask.  What path of hard work and real life accomplishment might earn you consideration to join the august team of data scientists whose performance to date is… renowned. Welp, the good news is that you don’t have to have any specialized football background.  And hard work and record of accomplishment is more of a ‘nice to have’ than ‘must have.’ The bad news is that your Kent State cum laude diploma won’t do the trick."

NFL News:

After suspension, will Martavis Bryant return? (Still Curtain)

"This offseason was really humming along there for a while. Steelers fans were more than pleased with much of the news coming out of Pittsburgh. The only big loss was Heath Miller, which was promptly dealt with. Other than that, a flurry of good news. But now we learn Martavis Bryant might face a year long suspension. This puts the Steelers in the position of having to decide if he’s still worth it?"

QB situation has impact on free agency (Predominantly Orange)

"The Denver Broncos quarterback situation is, well, a little off right now. While it is important to have a good quarterback, in this case, it might be more important to just have a warm body occupying the spot. Bring in the Butt-Fumble! Anyone who thinks John Elway is going to put all his eggs in the Mark Sanchez basket is sorely mistaken."

Dak Prescott breaks the No. 1 rule in draft process (CBS Sports)

"The No. 1 rule for NFL prospects during the draft process: don’t get in trouble. But year after year, players slip and make mistakes in the four-month job interview process leading up to draft weekend. So the news that a mid-round NFL prospect was arrested Saturday morning for a DUI charge was unfortunately not a shock. However, it was surprising that the player was former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott."

Five Heisman quarterbacks who didn’t pan out (CBS Sports)

"Johnny Manziel is not the first former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback to move on to the NFL and struggle, and he certainly won’t be the last. For every Cam Newton, there are 10 Johnny Manziels because playing quarterback is difficult, and there’s a large difference in doing so between the college and pro levels."