Daily Dawg Tags: Grading the Cleveland Browns draft


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Monday, May 2.

Cleveland Browns:

Browns draft grades reveal a mixed bag

"The 2016 NFL Draft has come to a close and members of the Cleveland Browns front office are probably taking some much-needed rest after making an NFL-high 14 selections. But how much quality is in that quantity?"

Browns trade for cornerback Jamar Taylor

"The Cleveland Browns selected a wide receiver in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, but it wasn’t the one that many fans expected. Rather than take Mississippi wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, the Browns opted for the smaller and faster Corey Coleman from Baylor. Coleman is the first wide receiver selected in the first round by the Browns since Braylon Edwards in 2005."

QB Cody Kessler is a low-risk pick for the Browns

"The Cleveland Browns were expected to take a quarterback sometime during the 2016 NFL Draft and did just that at the end of the third round Friday night. While the Kessler selection may have seemingly come out of nowhere for fans, the Browns organization had done the proper research before making the selection, which is much more than what can be said of how draft picks were handled in the recent past."

Draft makes it clear that RG3 is the quarterback (ESPN)

"There was one clear winner in the Cleveland Browns’ three-day draft of 14 college players, and that was Robert Griffin III. Never has it been more evident that the 2016 season belongs to Griffin, that the quarterback job is his to lose, and that the Browns will rise and/or fall with Griffin at the helm."

Browns get great value in Shon Coleman (Fly War Eagle)

"Other than getting a fighter and a great guy off the field, the Cleveland Browns are receiving someone who can step in and make an impact right away on either side of the line. Getting Coleman in the third round is a great value pick for Cleveland."

Quarterback decisions will ultimately determine if 2016 draft was a success (ohio.com)

"The premature NFL Draft grades are in. But the only letters that will matter in a few years when everyone can fairly judge what the Browns did in the 2016 draft are QB."

NFL News:

Another messy quarterback situation for the Eagles (philly.com)

"The Eagles, through their long and somewhat tortured history, have been familiar with strange situations at the quarterback position. It is that spot on the football depth chart where otherwise reliable decision-makers – including coaches, team executives, and the players themselves – come up with some head-scratching stuff, and never more than when a team is about to switch from one savior to the next."

How the draft shifts starting quarterback landscape (USA Today)

"The NFL draft is over and the quarterback landscape has settled. Here’s a look at what all the week’s moves mean for each team headed into the offseason workout program."

Draft an enterprise full of surprises (NFL.com)

"The 2016 NFL Draft got its first shocker before the first pick was even made, and didn’t fail to entertain through the end of Day 3. Here’s a look at nine of the biggest surprises of the draft."