Cleveland Browns move on from DB K’Waun Williams


The Cleveland Browns reduced the roster to 75 players by releasing defensive back K’Waun Williams.

The NFL requires its teams to have no more than 75 players on the roster by 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, but the Cleveland Browns wasted no time in cutting players in advance of the deadline.

The Browns began the day by releasing veteran Paul Kruger, who voiced his frustration with the decision.

Kruger’s release came as a surprise given his status as at least one of the top-53 players on the roster, but makes sense given the desire to rebuild the team through the draft.

He release accompanied several others that cut the roster to 76 players, leaving the Browns with one more move to make before Tuesday. For that final move, the Browns cut a player who effectively ensured his own release early in the preseason.

K’Waun Williams was cut by the Browns, reducing the roster to 75 players, in a move expected by Browns fans. Williams was serving a suspension handed down by the Browns after missing the preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Williams claimed he missed the game due to an injured ankle, while rumors came out saying he wanted to retire and was upset about playing time. Either way, Williams is no longer a Brown.

His release means third-year player Justin Gilbert should be a lock to make the roster, although he is still recovering from a concussion suffered in Friday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It also means Jamar Taylor should be assured a roster spot. His playing time was rumored to be part of Williams’ complaints, but he comes out as the winner in the situation.

Williams was expected to be a valuable part of the secondary, but it is clear this team has a long way to go before this defense has any sort of success. Williams’ attitude was not welcome in town, although it appeared to be just as much of a problem with his agent as it did with him. If he was truly injured, it should have been made clear to the Browns before the game, thus avoiding the messy situation, suspension and ultimately his release.

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Hue Jackson and this front office are making it clear that distractions will not be dealt with, even if it means releasing a player who can help the team on the field.