Cleveland Browns color rush unis on hold until 2017


The Cleveland Browns will be one of nine NFL teams not allowed to wear their color rush uniforms this season.

The NFL debuted its color rush uniform concept on Tuesday that teams will wear for the remaining slate of Thursday night games.

Just don’t get excited about the Cleveland Browns because they won’t be participating.

Cleveland’s lone Thursday night appearance this season will be on the road against the Baltimore Ravens on Nov. 10, but because the all-brown uniform would clash with the Ravens all-purple uniforms, the Browns will wear their standard all-whites.

In addition to the Browns, teams not wearing the special uniforms this year include the Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions, because they play on Thanksgiving, which is not part of the promotion for some reason; and the New York Jets, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams.

The NFL and Nike, the league’s apparel supplier, did make a color rush uniform for the Browns and, all things considered, it doesn’t look all that bad (certainly no worse than the current uniforms):

While the all-brown concept is not the best look, the silly team name on the pants leg is gone, as is the Cleveland wordmark on the chest, replaced by the team name in what looks to be a smaller point size. The numbers appear to be easier to read than the current brown jerseys, and the sleeve stripes give it a bit of a classic look.

It is certainly better than some of the options for the other teams, most notably the ones that the Seattle Seahawks will be wearing.

But, since the Browns only get the one league-mandated Thursday night game each season, the earliest that the team will put the uniforms on the field is in 2017.

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According to a press release from the league, 100 percent of the NFL’s proceeds from the sale of the jerseys will go directly to the NFL Foundation to fund health, safety and wellness programs for youth around the country. The first $500,000 raised from this initiative will be earmarked to replace youth and high school football equipment and fields lost in last month’s devastating floods in Louisiana.