Daily Dawg Tags: Browns QB issues keep rolling along


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Friday, Sept. 16.

When it comes to the Cleveland Browns, the story always begins and ends the same way: with the quarterback.

Robert Griffin III is out and Josh McCown is in, which may be a good thing. Rookie Cody Kessler may not ready, which really isn’t surprising. The Browns “missed” on quarterback Carson Wentz, an alleged certainty even though he has only played one career game in the NFL.

When will it end? Well, only the Browns have the answer to that, although you can be certain it won’t happen this season.

Let’s start getting ready for Sunday’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens by catching up with the latest news about the Browns and from around the NFL.

Cleveland Browns news:

Are the Browns better with RG3 on the sidelines?

"When the Cleveland Browns take the field on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens they will set a post-merger record by starting at least two different quarterbacks in the same season for the 15th consecutive year. Now that the team has turned the offense over to Josh McCown, questions have popped up about whether or not the Browns are doomed for failure in 2016. Or at least more doomed than they already were."

Hue Jackson: I came here to win a championship

"Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is clear on what he wants to accomplish, and he may just be able to pull it off given time."

Browns vs. Ravens: 5 Questions with Ebony Bird

"To learn more about the Ravens before Sunday’s game we caught up with Chris Schisler of Ebony Bird and asked him a few questions. And yes, the “kick six” unfortunately came up."

Only a matter of time before Cody Kessler is the starter

"The Cleveland Browns have turned to Josh McCown as the starter, although his injury history suggests backup Cody Kessler might be starting sooner rather than later."

Browns vs. Ravens: Madden simulation

"The Cleveland Browns are underdogs in the Week 2 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens, and a Madden 17 simulation has the Browns losing in blowout fashion."

Hue Jackson likes to see his players show attitude (ESPN)

"Rookie Carl Nassib gives the finger wag, Mutombo-style, after plays. Linebackers Chris Kirksey and Demario Davis had what looked like a choreographed dance/celebration after a sack in Philadelphia. There is swag and attitude that comes with winning. There is swag and attitude that comes with individual plays. And there is swag and attitude that comes with trying to build something. To Hue Jackson, that kind of swag is acceptable."

Danny Shelton starting to be dominant up front (cleveland.com)

"If all goes as planned, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will know Danny Shelton’s name by the end of Sunday’s home opener. Flacco admitted Wednesday he doesn’t really recognize anybody on the Browns’ defense anymore except for Joe Haden, but Shelton hopes to introduce himself somewhere deep in the backfield."

NFL news:

Raiders take step toward Las Vegas, but a wild card remains (CSN Bay Area)

"It is now time for Oakland Raiders fans to get less comfortable about the continued existence of the Oakland Raiders. This is less than becoming resigned to losing them outright, because the National Football League and the political structures of the state of Nevada and the city of San Diego, plus the landlording power of Stan Kroenke and the indecisive soul of Dean Spanos, are all variables that have not yet shown their hands."

LeSean McCoy’s new reality (MMQB)

"Some people think running backs have become replaceable cogs in today’s pass-happy NFL. But on the field and in the film room, the job has never been more complicated"

Is it possible the Rams think Jeff Fisher is the only football coach available? (Vice Sports)

"You may have heard of Jeff Fisher. He’s a decidedly average NFL head coach with a wonderful Magnum P.I. mustache. His biggest resume selling point is that he once lost a Super Bowl, and he has been living off that for the last 15 years. No matter what, the Rams are the Rams and Fisher is still their head coach. And things could stay that way, like, maybe forever. ESPN’s John Clayton reports that Fisher is getting a three-year extension from the Rams’ mustachioed owner, effectively condoning his 27-37-1 tenure with the Rams so far."

Top 10 No. 2 picks that flamed out (Real Clear Sports)

"The No. 2 pick is an interesting spot for a team to be in. Sometimes, like with RGIII and Andrew Luck, general consensus is that either one will be great and the top two picks are just a tossup. Other times, there’s a clear No. 1 pick and the team picking second has to guess which of the next 5-8-ish guys is really the best. Indeed, some of those failures stand out quite a bit more than others. RGIII is close but hasn’t quite yet made his way onto our list of Top 10 No. 2 Picks That Flamed Out."