Daily Dawg Tags: What to look forward to in 2017


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Tuesday, Dec. 13.

The passing of another day brings Cleveland Browns fans another day closer to an 0-16 season. There are still three chances to pick up a win, but 2017 could get off to a horrible start if the Browns lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers on New Year’s Day to go winless.

Being a Browns fan means always being optimistic to what next year may hold, and that remains true after this miserable season.

The NFL Draft once again holds countless possibilities for the Browns, who may own two top-10 picks depending on how the Philadelphia Eagles finish the season. In fact, the Draft will determine the mood heading into next season, as the current team hasn’t given fans much to be happy about. A year of experience will help this young team, but it is clear that there are still so many pieces missing.

This includes a quarterback, with the likelihood of the Browns drafting one becoming even greater after seeing Robert Griffin III’s performance Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. There is no clear top prospect as of right now, but the Browns have plenty of time to scout and, hopefully, pick the best quarterback available.

It is unfortunate that Draft talk has returned before the season has come to an end, but that is a painful part of being a Browns fan. Let’s take a look at that and more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns news:

Where do the Cleveland Browns go from here?

"“There’s always next year”.” The classic Cleveland motto that we all know way too well."

Cleveland Browns must be unconventional to win

"Everybody knows the Cleveland Browns have not won a game in almost a year, meaning the current staff has yet to record a victory as Browns coaches."

RG3 gets another chance this Sunday

"Robert Griffin III‘s return did not go well, but it’s hard to say it wasn’t an expected outcome."

Is Myles Garrett already a lock in round 1? (Factory of Sadness)

"In what will be the Cleveland Browns‘ second year of their rebuild, it is simple how their 2016 season can be summarized."

Terrelle Pryor says ’emotions are high’ during skid (cleveland.com)

"Terrelle Pryor acknowledged Monday that ’emotions are high’ during this 13-game losing streak, but Hue Jackson still vowed to stop Pryor’s outbursts."

NFL news:

NFL Rumors: Rex Ryan’s job safe until end of season (FanSided)

"Just prior to the start of the game on Sunday, rumblings emerged that head coach Rex Ryan might be fired after the game if the Bills lost."

Los Angeles Rams fire Jeff Fisher after Week 14 loss (Ramblin’ Fan)

"The Jeff Fisher era is finally over in Los Angeles, as the Rams have decided to part ways with their embattled head coach."

NFL officials, Raiders meeting to discuss Oakland proposal (NFL.com)

"NFL officials and members of the Raiders brass are meeting Monday with the Lott Group to discuss the proposal to keep the team in Oakland, according to people familiar with the process."