Daily Dawg Tags: How to value QBs in the draft?


The Cleveland Browns are still looking for a quarterback, the teams left in the playoffs are not, and franchises are on the move. All that and more in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

The Cleveland Browns will have their choice of players when they open the 2017 NFL Draft by virtue of holding the No. 1 overall selection.

The Browns also need a quarterback, but it is not as simple as turning in a card with a quarterback’s name on draft night.

With no “clear cut” quarterback deemed “worthy” at this stage of being the No. 1 overall selection, the Browns face a major decision. Do they pass on selecting a quarterback at No. 1 and roll into the season with the status quo? Or do they ignore the outside noise and, if they truly like one of the available quarterbacks, simply pick him?

We take a look at that issue and more today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns news:

How to beat the draft quarterback market

The Cleveland Browns have the first overall pick. Do they take a quarterback? Find out how the Browns can beat the quarterback market in the 2017 Draft.

Year in review: The first quarter

The Cleveland Browns had a tumultuous year in 2016, starting with their latest regime change. Take a look back at the first three months in Part 1 of our year in review.

In depth 2017: Cleveland Browns (Zone Blitz)

The 2016 Cleveland Browns, again, did not win a lot of games. But unlike some recent seasons, it appeared at times that this iteration might at least have a plan. This team lacked talent and lost a lot of leads throughout the season, but under new coach Hue Jackson – the team’s fourth in five seasons – the team never stopped fighting. And when many had written off its chances of getting a win, the team came through in week 16 with a victory over San Diego. So just where does this team stand?

Browns add a second father-son tandem to coaching staff (ohio.com)

The Browns have another father-son duo on their coaching staff. New defensive coordinator Gregg Williams hired son Blake to coach linebackers and family friend Jerod Kruse to serve as an assistant defensive backs coach, a person familiar with the moves confirmed Monday. The Browns have yet to announce the hires.

NFL news:

Seahawks have crossed the line from brash to just plain unlikable (Seattle Times)

They were once a brash collection of misfits. They are now a dismissive group of egomaniacs. They were once known for the resolve they showed in victory. They are now known for the grace they lack in defeat. The Seahawks have been everything from dominant, to mesmerizing, to maddening to heartbreaking — all points on an emotional gamut that has compelled fans for years. But one thing they aren’t is likable.

Davis moving Raiders because he wants to (CSN Bay Area)

So now that Mark Davis will formally apply to move the Raiders twice in two years, the second time with the news coming this morning under cover of hangover, maybe this was to convince the last few stragglers that Davis really wants to keep the team in Oakland.

Who has edge among Patriots, Steelers, Packers and Falcons when you subtract QB? (ESPN)

The four teams left in the NFL playoffs have had an enormous advantage for the vast majority of the season. Barring injuries, that enormous advantage is about to disappear. Because for as good as they’ve been, those four remaining teams are going to need to find a new way to win football games as opposed to overwhelming the opposition with a huge edge at one critical component.

Chargers should not expect love – or even respect – from their new home (NY Post)

Now, the Chargers head two hours north up I-5, and they weren’t so much stolen by L.A. as foisted upon L.A. They arrive with a new logo that’s really just a mashup of the Dodgers and Tampa Bay Lightning logos. For now they will play in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium before moving into someone else’s stadium, where they will forever be a second banana.