Cleveland Browns: Deadspin’s annual look at why the team will suck

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Deadspin is currently running its “Why Your Team Sucks” series, and the installment on the Cleveland Browns offers up a humorous look at the upcoming year.

One must have a sense of humor to be a fan of the Cleveland Browns after so many years of watching this organization’s dysfunction.

Passion must be mixed with being able to laugh at some of the stuff that has gone on, yet the sense of optimism never fades.

Deadspin is currently running its “Why Your Team Sucks” series, written by Drew Magary, that focuses on all the things that will suck for fans of every NFL team, along with plenty of fan takes about each team.

Browns fans had some interesting responses in Magary’s installment on the team, while he had this to say:

"This team is like an estate sale for quarterbacks. Last year they played Josh McCown, RG3, Cody Kessler, Terrelle Pryor, and Charlie Whitehurst. The good news is that four of those quarterbacks are gone. The bad news is that one of them was your best wideout."

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I recommend checking out this entire series as each article is a fun read, and it is interesting to see how fans from all over the country look at their respective teams.

As a warning, these articles are not for those who get over defensive about their teams. I know plenty of Browns fans who will read this and miss the humor, so be sure to go in expecting some lighthearted laughs. If you read it and remain angry, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you need a puppy or something.

While it is funny to read these types of articles, it would be nice for the Browns’ installment in 2018 to be focused on how everything turned around and how fans can only talk about the positives.

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One can dream, but for now we can all share in our anguish.