Cleveland Browns: DPD pick ’em pool Week 4 recap and standings update

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 17: Tight end David Njoku #85 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates his touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on September 17, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr /Getty Images)
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 17: Tight end David Njoku #85 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates his touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens in the second quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on September 17, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr /Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns remain winless, but that hasn’t stopped our staff and a few readers from continuing to do well in picking other NFL games.

Week 4 is in the books, and I’m here to update everyone on the most thrilling football-related competition in Cleveland to date.

Like last week, there were some upsets that everyone thought would win, and some teams that everyone thought would lose that pulled out a victory. Once again, the Cleveland Browns failed those who believed in them, and I don’t expect them to win any time soon.

Here’s a standings update after Week 4:

  1. Brandon Onda 43 points (10)
  2. Steven Kubitza 41 points (9)
  3. Thomas Moore 41 points (10)
  4. Roger Cohen 39 points (7)
  5. Andrew Seibt 38 points (9)
  6. Joel Cade 37 points (9)
  7. Josh Dentler 37 points (9)
  8. Derek Bryner 34 points (8)
  9. Jonathan Goehring 26 points (8)
  10. Clayton Braham 24 points (0)
  11. Matt Stevenson 23 points (9)

Weekly Leader: Brandon Onda, 10 correct picks

This Brandon Onda guy sure knows how to pick em! For two weeks in a row, Brandon has led the pool with the most correct picks.

It’s a good thing he picked 42 points for the Monday Night Football game, as Tom matched his weekly total but just missed the tiebreaker by a mere four points. From the viewpoint of someone trying to get to the top of the standings, I must say that you two need to just make a few less right picks each week to let guys like Joel, Roger and myself get a shot at the lead.

Congratulations on the highest total this week, gentlemen.

Negative Groupthink

In the Dawg Pound Daily Podcast, I chose the Atlanta Falcons over the Buffalo Bills as my lock pick. Funny thing about it, is that everyone else in the pool was on the same wavelength as we all chose Atlanta to win. As it turns out, the Bills are not tanking, and seem to do something the Browns cannot, and that is win football games.

The other big domino to fall this week was the New England Patriots losing to the Carolina Panthers in Foxborough of all places. One would figure that since the Saints beat the Panthers and the Patriots blasted the Saints that this was a no-brainer and it certainly proved otherwise.

Positive Groupthink

As wrong as we all were about the Patriots and the Falcons, we all are worth our salt at least in these three matchups.

For those who made selections, the selections of the Packers over the Bears, the Cardinals over the 49ers, and the Seahawks over the Colts proved to be wise ones in the end. The Cardinals needed some last-minute heroics from Larry Legend, or else it would have ended up in the negative column.

Moving forward with the way the Browns played on Sunday, I would anticipate the opponents of the Browns to slowly creep their way into this list unless the Browns start to prove that they can be a competitive football team.


  • Good: Nice picks by Jonathan and Roger, in picking the Texans over the Titans. This one wasn’t even close and Deshaun Watson looked like the real deal. It’s nice actually seeing what a proper supporting cast can do for a rookie quarterback.
  • Good: I said it in the Dawg Pound Daily Podcast and Josh must have been listening as the Rams upset the Cowboys in Dallas. We were the only two to choose this game and proves as another example of a young quarterback surrounded by a great running game and average to above average receivers.
  • Good: Roger once again going against the grain, this time with Tom in picking the Jets over the Jaguars. The Jags put a beat down on the Ravens then laid down against the “tanking” Jets which makes me question the Browns’ chances in that game this Sunday.
  • Bad: Anyone picking the Browns at this point. Based on the offense and defense in the first half, they’re becoming impossible to watch. Until they can show signs of improvement, I will be picking against them.
  • Bad: I lost more than just a point in the Vikings game against Detroit. Johnathan, Josh and myself thought the Vikings could capitalize at home, but no Sam Bradford and Dalvin Cook tearing his ACL (my fantasy team weeps) spelled doom for the Vikings. Keep an eye on Sam Bradford’s health as when he gets healthy, they could be scary.
  • Bad: Derek, Derek, Derek. The only brave soul to pick against the undefeated Chiefs. I think he was doubling down on his fantasy players on the Redskins having good games, but it didn’t work out with the final tally. Continue to roll with the Chiefs as they continue to dominate, even with the loss of Eric Berry in the secondary.

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Don’t forget to get your picks in and I’ll see you next week!