Daily Dawg Tags: Front office remains calm during rough stretch

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Cleveland Browns fans may be panicking, but those in charge remain committed to the plan that began at the beginning of 2016.

The Cleveland Browns didn’t plan on winning many games in 2016, and the same is true in 2017. This is a frustrating fact for fans, but it is all part of the front office’s plan to build a perennial contender.

It is not surprising to see Sashi Brown come out and say he remains calm after the 0-4 start, because he may have expected it. In fact, he may have been surprised if the team had any wins up to this point. He took over his role with the expectation that this rebuilding process wasn’t a quick fix to the franchise’s problem of ineptitude.

But Browns fans have heard these stories before. A new group of executives come in with a plan, only for wins to remain elusive. Should we trust Sashi Brown and his plan?

I think our only option as Browns fans is to trust him. At least at the early stages in the process. The alternative is starting over once again, which may be enough to drive even some of the most diehard fans away from this team.

We take a look at this and more from around the NFL in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

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