Cleveland Browns: Takeaways on offense from the loss in Houston

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Cleveland Browns
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Penalties and more mistakes

Another alarming trend through the first six weeks of the season have been the number of penalties the Browns are called for. The Browns had 11 penalties for 72 yards against the Texans, which is up four from their seven penalty per game average this year.

With an offense that is already struggling, I see far too many big plays called back for an illegal block in the back or holding call. Granted, those may be the cause of the big play but it is still deflating.

In the infamous pick-six series, the Browns actually got a first down at the Houston 17-yard line looking to tie the game. The nice conversion was quickly followed by a delay of game penalty which is a perfect metaphor for the Browns offense on the season. Make one good play and make one equally bad play right after.

The Browns in general just cannot seem to find a way to string together consecutive plays without shooting themselves in the foot. What seems so simple has proven to be quite difficult so far this year, but it’s a testament to the level of talent on this team.

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42 of the 53 guys on the team have been brought in by Sashi Brown, and by the looks of the results on Sundays he may not be around long enough to use the Texans’ picks he was so kind enough to acquire for us.