Cleveland Browns: A disastrous start to the bye week

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The Cleveland Browns can’t even stay out of the news during their bye week, causing fans a great deal of frustration on Tuesday.

I am curious how fans of other NFL teams spend the bye week. Because when it comes to being a Cleveland Browns fan, the bye week is sometimes more eventful than any other week.

Browns fans went to bed Monday night with the news that the San Francisco 49ers made a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, a player who was connected to the Browns in potential trades all offseason.

This frustrated some fans, but there was the potential that the Patriots never had any plans to send Garoppolo to the place where quarterbacks go to fail. Fair enough, if that is your view.

Then comes Tuesday morning, when Benjamin Allbright sends out some tweets explaining how the coaching staff is angry with the front office after the trade.

A quick look at this tweet makes it pretty clear that a coach sent one of these alleged emails. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning.

Tuesday being the trade deadline made it possible that the front office had a plan in place to do something to make the team better. If the 0-8 49ers made a move, the Browns surely had to have something in mind.

The grand plan was to trade for A.J. McCarron, and oh boy did that go horribly.

At first glance it appeared that something insane happened. Did Hue Jackson lock himself in a room and make the trade, only for Sashi Brown to find out and cancel the deal?

The rumors began flying on Twitter from the Browns forgetting to submit the trade because they were celebrating, to there being a mutiny on our hands. It was so absurd I didn’t want to even think about it before there was some clarification, and Mary Kay Cabot provided a logical explanation.

So maybe it was the Bengals who sabotaged the Browns. Who knows, and honestly, who cares? Having McCarron on the team for eight games wouldn’t have changed much, and it makes much more sense to roll with DeShone Kizer instead of constantly changing his role and destroying his confidence.

More news about this wild day will continue to come out, but what is clear is that this organization is in a whole new state of disarray. Even if the Bengals were the ones who ruined the trade, this type of stuff keeps happening to the Browns and it is starting to get ridiculous.

It seems that the coaches are leaking stories to the media, and it is only the halfway point of the season. Even with all the false reports to sort through in our world of instant reporting and tweeting, the recurring theme of dysfunction is hard to ignore.

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