Cleveland Browns lose in horrific fashion, fall to 0-13 in 2017

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The Cleveland Browns seemed on track to pick up a win against the Green Bay Packers, but disaster struck and the Browns found yet another way to lose.

The Cleveland Browns seem destined to go 0-16 in 2017.

The Browns held a 21-7 lead over the Green Bay Packers after three quarters in today’s game, but as fate would have it, the game went to overtime and the Browns found a way to lose.

It was not just the fact that the Browns lost in overtime, but throws like the one DeShone Kizer made will haunt fans tonight and throughout the week.

What a great first Sunday on the job for John Dorsey.

The entire game wasn’t as miserable, as Josh Gordon returned home and caught a touchdown, while Kizer had a solid game, at least before overtime, throwing for 214 yards and three touchdowns.

Isaiah Crowell also had his best game of the season, rushing for 121 yards on 19 carries. Yet this was not enough to pick up a win.

Conservative defense in the fourth quarter allowed the Packers to tie the game, while some questionable calls on offense by Hue Jackson didn’t help the cause either. This was evident when Kizer was throwing passes with under three minutes left, when a few runs could have closed out the game.

This may have been the Browns’ best remaining shot at a victory this season, but the way the team lost shows that no matter the competition, it is hard to be confident with this current group. The team undoubtedly has talent all over the field, but it hasn’t mattered thus far.

I say this every week, but it’s hard to find ways to talk about these losses week after week. A 14-point lead in the fourth quarter should result in an easy victory, but I had no confidence the Browns would close out the game. Sure enough, they could not.

Hue Jackson was given a vote of confidence by Jimmy Haslam earlier this week, but three more losses like this and I don’t see how Haslam can be confident in Jackson to lead this team for another season.

The decision may ultimately come down to Dorsey, who had to be shocked watching his new team blow this game. Then again, he had to know what he was signing up for.

The Packers leave Cleveland with Aaron Rodgers returning next week and their playoff hopes still alive, showing Browns fans how great teams are able to find ways to win. The Browns play hard every week and show flashes of success, but this team remains unable to close out games for the second year in a row.

If you’re a fan searching for positives, Gordon continues to look like a star while Kizer had his best game of the season when you take away his two interceptions. However, those two mistakes are enough to outweigh all the positives from the afternoon.

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The Browns close out the home portion of the schedule next Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.