Cleveland Browns: Looking for another win in a home finale

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The Cleveland Browns are looking to pick up their first win of the season in the home finale for the second year in a row.

When the Cleveland Browns beat the then San Diego Chargers back on Christmas Eve of last year, that seemed to be the beginning of the rise out of rock bottom.

It was only one win, but it was a win. Then this season happened.

The Browns are once again winless heading into the home finale, this time against a Baltimore Ravens team still in the playoff hunt.

It begs the question of whether the Browns can pick up a win and end the 0-16 talks before going on the road to mercifully end the season.

I’ll start by being optimistic and saying there’s a chance. There’s always a chance. This Browns team should have won last week and have six single-digit losses this season. Four of those were decided by three points.

Even if John Dorsey doesn’t think so, this team has talent and just needs to put it together for a complete game. Perhaps playing at home will offer some extra motivation, although I’m not sure how big or how inspired the crowd will be on Sunday.

Alright, now to the less optimistic view.

Ravens fans are likely looking at this game as an automatic win, and it is hard to blame them.

The Ravens easily beat the Browns by the score of 24-10 back in Week 2, and are currently a tiebreaker away from occupying a playoff spot in the AFC. They had a three-game winning streak snapped in a 39-38 loss to the Steelers, but remain one of the hottest teams in the conference. Three shutout victories for the Ravens on the season doesn’t bode well for the Browns this Sunday.

So unfortunately, I cannot predict a Browns win. It’s the NFL so anything can happen, but 0-16 looks more likely every day. It is never a good sign when the new general manager says the team is bad, even if fans know it is true.

There isn’t much left to say this season, and it is hard to even recap the games unless the team picks up a win. Talking about all the different ways to lose is simply exhausting.

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So what do you think will happen this Sunday? Will the Browns finally pick up that elusive win?