Expect Cleveland Browns decision to come in quickly

The Cleveland Browns have moved slowly so far in their search for a head coach, but don't be shocked if their decision is made early this coming week

This feels like one of the longest coaching searches in recent memory — and the Cleveland Browns have had a lot of coaching searches. However, it's finally coming to a close, even if it doesn't feel like it.

On Friday, it felt like it was coming to a close as team owner Jimmy Haslam flew Josh McDaniels and his wife in for an interview. But nothing was ever finalized as McDaniels flew back home and then things got really confusing.

Not only did they send McDaniels back without a deal, but then they were reportedly setting up interviews with general manager candidates — which really have the Dawg Pound in a frenzy. Before these interviews were being reported, the goal was apparently to hire a coach and then find a GM.

So why the change? Well, according to Cleveland.com's Terry Pluto, there hasn't been a change.

Instead, he says the team isn't planning any general manager interviews but is going through the formality of requesting permission to speak with different candidates. Pluto says this is being done so they're ready to take that step as soon as a coach is named.

"They are asking for PERMISSION TO TALK to different GM candidates, having that in place for when they hire the coach. They asked all the coaching candidates to submit a list of GM possibilities. But that’s not the only list at work. The Browns have their own list of names for GMs." — Pluto, Cleveland.com

So if Pluto's sources are correct, this would mean the Browns are close to naming their next head coach. They have already interviewed all the big names from McDaniels to Greg Roman and Kevin Stefanski. They also spoke with an up and coming coordinator in Robert Saleh and a former assistant in Cleveland in Brian Daboll.

It feels as though they have spoken to everyone except Ryan Dinwiddie and Condoleezza Rice — which means they have already spoken to their next coach. And with them calling to set up the next round of interviews, it feels as though this decision will be coming in shortly.

They might not announce it on Sunday as the NFL playoffs are still rolling along, but a Monday decision feels very likely.

And once that person is named, then we can all start debating about whether or not they got this one right.

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Sit tight Dawg Pound. The end is closer than it appears.