Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns called winners in coaching carousel

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including a Sports Illustrated article calling their coach hire a win

What a weekend it was for the Cleveland Browns. After we all expected them to announce Josh McDaniels as their new head coach on Friday, they ended up waiting until Sunday to announce who would be taking over the team — and it wasn't McDaniels.

Instead, the Browns went with Kevin Stefanski, who was a finalist for the job in 2019. Not only that, but he was the top choice of chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta, who was heading up the search this year.

Even with DePodesta wanting Stefanski, it was a bit surprising the way things went down. Cleveland showed all the signs that they wanted McDaniels to be the guy but then grabbed Stefanski as soon as his season was over.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the signing, but one SI.com writer is calling the move a win for Cleveland.

That story and more are featured in today's Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Winners and Losers of the NFL Head Coaching Carousel — Conor Orr, SI.com

"Will Stefanski succeed? Who knows. If the organization’s previous history is any indication, that’s a tough bet to make. But every repetition in the batter’s box is another swing for Jimmy Haslam and, at some point, one of these infinite cultures and schemes and ideas and roster construction variants have to align, producing a playoff contender."

Orr admitted he liked moves the Browns made in the past and those failed but it's hard to argue his point. Kevin Stefanski was a highly respected assistant coach and should find success for Cleveland going forward. Hopefully.

Report: Cleveland Browns coach candidates ‘had to agree to turn in game plans to owner, analytics department’ — Matthew Florjancic, WKYC.com

"Reportedly, Cleveland Browns coaching candidates ‘had to agree to turn in game plans to owner, analytics department’ for approval ahead of games."

Yeah, this is weird. Not that the coaches had to agree to it, but that it became news. This is a rather common practice but I guess it's fun to think new things your team is doing are crazy. But when you have been losing for a decade, maybe it's cool to do things differently.

Rumor: Cleveland Browns to hire Andrew Berry as general manager

It was pretty certain that the Browns were going to pair Stefanski and Andrew Berry even before the hire of their coach was finalized. So this was not shocking at all to see.

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Steve Wilks could return as Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator in 2020

Fans were relentless in their disdain for Steve Wilks this season, so why might he return? Well simple, he's a good coach who had to deal with a lot of injuries on his side of the ball. Plus, Freddie Kitchens' offense put them in a lot of bad spots. Wilks could be much better with a new coach.