Why the Cleveland Browns should not sign Larry Warford

The Cleveland Browns have an opening at right guard. Recently released guard Larry Warford is available. But the Browns should just say no!

The Cleveland Browns enter the 2020 season with a new head coach. With that head coach comes the inevitable yearly change in offensive scheme.

The New Orleans Saints have released Pro-Bowl guard Larry Warford. The Browns have an opening in the right guard position.

This seems logical to think that a Pro Bowl guard would fit perfectly for a team in need of a guard.

However, the Browns should not sign Larry Warford. Warford is an excellent player. He has made multiple Pro Bowls for a reason. But Warford’s skill set is not what the Browns are looking for an in right guard.

In fact, one of the reasons Warford was released was because he no longer fit what the Saints are doing on offense. The Saints are building a fast offensive line (fast in offensive line terms). Warford, who ran a 5.58 forty yard dash at the combine, is one of the slowest offensive lineman in the league. Warford is no longer what the Saints wanted on their offensive line.

The Browns are changing to a wide zone scheme. As scheme change, so do the type of players a team will want to execute said offense. This current year’s offense is unique in that it relies on faster and quicker offensive linemen. Linemen have to be able to attack open spaces, reach block defenders and get to linebackers at the second level.

The wide zone offense as a whole is based on having offensive linemen running laterally stretching defenders down the line of scrimmage. The offense also requires linemen to attack linebackers on the second level. Linemen have to change after linebackers to cut them off.

This scheme does not have an open space for one of the slowest linemen in the league. The Browns need fast and quick lineman as opposed to the mauler type lineman.

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It simply does not make schematic sense for the Browns to pick up Warford when there are younger, faster and cheaper options already in house. The Browns should take a hard pass on Larry Warford.