Cleveland Browns offensive weak spots

The Cleveland Browns still have some weak spots on offense

On paper, the Cleveland Browns are a top-three offensive team in the NFL. Last year they were top 10, but we all know how that ended up. This offseason the Browns still improved their offense, but their weak spots and position battles could prove to make for an interesting starting 11.

Right guard is a weak spot on offense for the Browns, but at least it’s the only weak spot on the offensive line. Wyatt Teller isn’t a bad option here but after last season where everyone looked poor, it will be interesting to see the growth of Teller and see if Drew Forbes could potentially overtake Teller and start.

Wide receiver is loaded with talent. The top three spots on the Cleveland Browns depth chart are held by pro bowlers, superstars, and a sprouting star in the making. However, fourth on the depth chart is Donovan Peoples-Jones.

Take away from the fact that this man played in a struggling Michigan offense, with inconsistent quarterback play, DPJ still has the talent to beat out Rashard Higgins at third on the depth chart. Depending on how Kevin Stefanski runs the offense, which won’t exactly play into allowing these receivers to showcase their talents because they are lower on the depth chart, but hopefully, we as fans will be able to watch these players showcase their talent.

Austin Hooper and David Njoku will be a fantastic battle to be number one on the depth chart for the Cleveland Browns. David Njoku has been underwhelming and it has been hard to watch as a Hurricane fan, but Njoku has shown signs of being a starting tight end in this league. Austin Hooper is the better option overall, by far.

Njoku has the talent and potential upside, but Hooper has shown so far in his career to be the superior option.

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In a Kevin Stefanski offense, Austin Hooper will be much like a Kyle Rudolph was in Minnesota. Expect much of the same production and reliability in this offensive scheme.