Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Landry knows what it takes

Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry speaks on run game

Diva. Selfish. Primadonna. All words we have seen used, or may have used, to describe some of the star wide receivers around the NFL. Cleveland Browns wideout Jarvis Landry once again shows why he is not on that list in a zoom interview with the media today in Berea.

Landry is a leader

Landry pointed to the running game as the backbone while also backing his head coach and teammates.

Since coming to the Browns, Landry has preached change and taken a leadership role from his hard knocks speech to today. Landry made it clear with some of his other responses that no one is panicking over targets and that they are committed to winning games.

Aside from a few rumblings last year under the trainwreck that was Freddie Kitchens, you have not heard of any instances where Landry is stirring up controversy or causing drama. Don’t be fooled either; the man wants his targets and numbers, but he is the type of player who knows they will come within the system built to use the playmakers.

Jarvis on the win over the Bengals

“It was a step in the right direction for us. As a team, we played really well. There’s things we gotta correct. I think overall; we played a pretty solid football game.” – Landry, via the Cleveland Browns

Sounds like the theme of head coach Kevin Stefanski and the coaching staff in every interview since the win.

On his hip

Landry was also asked about his hip. He had surgery back in March. He pointed out that he is still working on some things regarding the hip but feels better each week. If you doubted it for some reason, he also stated that he is giving 100 percent.

Regarding the Breonna Taylor verdict

“It’s tragic how the system fails to go about it the right away, to bring justice. It’s not a surprise. It’s been going on forever, continues to show the problem going on in America. It’s very tough.” — via the Cleveland Browns

He made it very clear that the fight will continue for social justice and racial equality.