Cleveland Browns News: Baker Mayfield considered a problem, not improving

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Week 6 was one to forget for the Cleveland Browns. They suffered their second loss of the season and their first since Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens. And just like that loss, this one was incredibly one-sided and has us all wanting to move onto the next opponent — which is once again the Cincinnati Bengals.

Unlike that meeting, it won’t be a quick turnaround as their last loss was followed by a Thursday Night Football contest which allowed them to get the nasty taste of losing out of their mouths. This time, they have to dwell on it for a whole week. And when they get together to watch the tape, it’s going to be ugly.

It will also highlight some issues with their quarterback according to one writer, who says the Browns have a Baker Mayfield problem, and that problem isn’t improving.

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Cleveland Browns News

The Browns Have a Baker Mayfield Problem, and It’s Not Getting Any Better — Kaelen Jones, The Ringer

“The issue isn’t even really how Mayfield looked when he was in the game, though his performance certainly wasn’t pretty. He completed 10 of 18 passes for 119 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions, and posted a 54.9 QB rating.

Instead, the problem is that Mayfield exacerbates issues across the rest of the team—and that has created a chasm between the Browns and the teams they’re chasing in the division.”

This wasn’t just a knock on Baker Mayfield as Jones goes on to say that his issues were bad but so too were the struggles of the offensive line. That line also hurt the ground game in Week 6. In short, this was a terrible performance by the whole team and it’s time to move on to Cincinnati.

Beat-up Baker Mayfield pulled as Browns routed 38-7 by the unbeaten Steelers to drop them to 4-2 — Mary Kay Cabot,

“He bravely came back out for the second half, but was ultimately replaced by Keenum with 48 seconds left in the third quarter and the Browns trailing 31-7. Keenum completed 5-of-10 attempts for 46 yards and a 62.9 rating.”

Mary Kay was right to say Mayfield bravely came back out. He was not benched for performance, although his performance was rough. Case Keenum is not taking over, either. This was about protecting Mayfield who was in extreme pain in this one and kept taking a beating.

JIMMY’S TAKE: Cleveland Browns ‘not in the same class’ as Pittsburgh Steelers following latest blowout loss — Jom Donovan,

“If you’re thinking about being a contender in the AFC North right now, the Browns seem to be a bit distant between the Ravens and the Steelers. They’ll get each one of them here at FirstEnergy Stadium coming up later in the season, but they’ll have to make up a lot of ground, as right now the Browns are not in the same class as those two teams.”

Cleveland is headed in the right direction, don’t let one loss change your mind on that. Having said that, this was a stark reminder that this team is not ready yet to take out teams such as the Steelers or Ravens. They could soon, but there’s still more work to do.

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