Emily and Baker Mayfield came through for Most Victorious Person Tom Seipel

Baker Mayfield and his wife came through for MVP Tom Seipel

The best part of the 2021 Cleveland Browns season has to be bringing Tom Seipel to see one more Browns game.

Seipel, a native of Columbus, is a Browns fan just like you and me. Like many of us, he has a beautiful six-year-old daughter. Unlike most of us, he has worked until recently as a missionary in Nicaragua. Even fewer of us are suffering from Stage 4 kidney cancer with a terminal diagnosis and are judged to have only a few weeks to live.

A huge fan of the Browns, Seipel was recently able to live out a dream as he met Baker Mayfield and watched his team clinch a spot in the NFL playoffs.

Baker also sent out a video that had a personal message for Tom.

“Hey, Tom, Baker Mayfield here. Was just reading up on your story. You’re extremely inspirational, man, you’re a warrior! Just want to say, keep fighting, appreciate your support and we’ll see what happens when we get into the playoffs. We’ll see if we can make those dreams come true, bud. We’ll be praying for you man, hang in there. Go Browns!” — Mayfield said via Dan Labbe of Cleveland.com

Amazingly, due to the incredible kindness and heroic efforts of Emily Mayfield and many kind-hearted Dawg Pound fans, Tom Seipel got to see the Browns reach the postseason in person.  To make a long story short, fans started an internet funding effort, and Emily kicked in an unknown amount and pulled a few strings, and somehow Tom got to watch the game from Emily and Baker’s luxury box.

Special arrangements had to be made to transport Tom over to Pittsburgh and get him to the box, and back to Hospice, but somehow it all worked out. The rest is history. Tom got to see Baker lead the team to a historic upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Thank you, Baker and Emily, for being so kind and teaching us that you get it. You understand what’s important. It would be very easy to be bitter after being mishandled by media egomaniacs who get paid to insult you, but you truly understand what life is all about. I’ve never been more proud of any husband and wife team who have persevered under the intense sports media spotlight. Both of you have hearts a mile wide. You did not have to do what you did. Thank you.

Also, thank you, Dawg Pound. Whoever came up with the vision for this idea is a genius, and it took a lot of planning and organization, not to mention fundraising, to make it work. Browns fans are the greatest. That’s why we’re here for each other.

Thank you, Tom Seipel, for all the work you have done in Nicaragua and in Ohio. Indeed, your presence will be felt around the world forever.  Thank you for teaching us what is truly important.

Definitely, it’s not about whether they should have gone for it on fourth down or not. Life is short and we need to make the best of every moment. Your spirit and strength are truly inspirational.  Thank you for reminding us, and being a living symbol of your faith.

Thank you Cleveland Browns, for persevering against the odds.  You are all winners. We knew you were.  Always have been, but now it’s official. Thanks for coming through for Tom Seipel. Could it be that you had a higher power guiding a few of Mayfield’s passes on Sunday? Might be, you just never know.