Cleveland Browns pick-a-player: Adding one free agent from each NFC North team

Cleveland Browns free agency, Kenny Golladay. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns free agency, Kenny Golladay. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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Cleveland Browns free agency. [Jeff Lange/Beacon Journal] /
Which NFC North free agents should the Cleveland Browns pursue?

To those that have followed this miniseries so far and are still here reading this edition, thank you all. For those that have no clue what this is, don’t worry I’ll explain. Since we have gone through and finished each division in the AFC, it is now time for our first division in the NFC, the NFC North.

In the “Pick-A-Player” series, I take a look at the impending free agents for each team in a certain division, in this case, the NFC North. I have the choice of signing any single player from that team, regardless of potential cap penalty, and add them to the Cleveland Browns for next season.

For instance, since we’re doing the NFC North, if I were to choose Green Bay Packers tight end, Robert Tonyan, then boom, guess what, he’s a Cleveland Brown now. Keep in mind, the only players that are eligible for this list are players that are now heading into free agency, meaning their contract is up.

They also must have actually played for the team they were just on, which is why Takk McKinley was not in our AFC West piece, as he had not played a snap for the Raiders. We also aren’t taking into account any trades that may occur or franchise tags being applied.

In this scenario, every player that is a free agent for the Browns, they walk, none of them get re-signed. Also, this is in no way a prediction as to what players the Cleveland Browns may pursue this offseason, these players are who I personally would pursue if I were Andrew Berry. These moves are also made with the current roster in mind, so Odell Beckham Jr is still on the team even if he might not be in three weeks.

We will go ahead and start with the Green Bay Packers and move through the division in no particular order.