Analyst calls Cleveland Browns dark horse Super Bowl contenders

Marcus Spears from ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ says that the Cleveland Browns are not only a playoff team in 2021, but a ‘dark horse Super Bowl contender’

It’s been a change, but a nice one.

No longer are the Cleveland Browns a laughingstock in the NFL and we don’t have tons of drama going on when the sports stations decide to start discussing the team and what will happen in the coming season.

In fact, the Browns are now one of the franchises being touted as not only a potential playoff team again this season, but they’re even being called a “dark horse Super Bowl contender” by some analysts.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon was Marcus Spears, the former NFL defensive lineman, who was singing the praises of the Browns on ESPN’s ‘Get Up‘ Tuesday morning.

Spears said the main thing in the Browns getting over the hump would be the continued progression of Baker Mayfield. He says that as long as Mayfield doesn’t regress, this offense can do whatever they need to do.

He did allude to the fact that there will be more tape on the offense which will be entering year two under Kevin Stefanski, which simply means they can’t be complacent — but knowing Stefanski, that won’t be a problem.

Spears also discussed the potential signing of Jadeveon Clowney and said he was “gushing” over the move. Spears really likes the idea of Clowney lining up across from Myles Garrett on a defenisve line that also has Sheldon Richardson, Malik Jackson, Andrew Billings, and Takk McKinley.

It’s been a while since Cleveland has had the kind of expectations they are currently seeing in 2021. And the good news is, this doesn’t feel like a team that will disappoint either.