The Cleveland Browns could have their quarterback on Sunday

After originally believing Baker Mayfield could miss several weeks, it appears the Cleveland Browns quarterback could return this Sunday to action.

After continued struggles with injuries, it appears the Cleveland Browns may be getting back to full strength.  Not only did Nick Chubb and Jack Conklin return to practice this week, but Bakers Mayfield also appears poised to play.

Not only was Mayfield quoted saying a return this Sunday vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers is possible, but Kevin Stefanski also followed up saying Mayfield would take all of the first-team snaps in practice.

Just how healthy will Mayfield’s non-throwing shoulder be for the first divisional game of the season?  No one seems certain, but I truly think Keenum would be the guy if the coaching staff felt more damage could be done to his shoulder.

The good news for Mayfield, it appears he will not only get his number one running back, but he will also have both of his starting tackles back in the lineup.  The Steelers have given up over 100 yards per game on the ground, so Mayfield may only need to throw the ball 20 to 25 times.

What’s the worst-case scenario if Mayfield does start?  T.J. Watt coming around the edge on the first series and getting a solid hit on Mayfield and flaring up that shoulder once again.  Then you will lose your starting quarterback, and put in a second-stringer who had no first-team repetitions in practice this week.

If the coaches and doctors think it’s a good idea to play Mayfield, I’m all for it.  Although it appears Keenum is capable of winning this game, fans certainly noticed the arm strength was far inferior compared to Mayfield.  Keenum can complete the short stuff but struggles to push the ball down the field.

Time will tell, but the Cleveland Browns need this win badly, so you may see a more aggressive approach from the organization.