Cleveland Browns receive two compensatory draft picks

Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; A Cleveland Browns fan in a pumpkin head sits on the commissioners chair during the 2021 NFL Draft at First Energy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 29, 2021; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; A Cleveland Browns fan in a pumpkin head sits on the commissioners chair during the 2021 NFL Draft at First Energy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Jim Brown announces the Cleveland Browns’ pick of Greedy Williams during the second day of the NFL Draft Friday, April 26, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. /

How the Cleveland Browns can obtain additional compensatory picks

Although used to publish reliable estimates of which departing free agents would result in compensation, they so far have not published such a list for 2022 and say that it is just too much work. In lieu of that, as a wild guess, there are only two departing free agents that would definitely result in a compensatory draft pick for the Browns, namely Jadeveon Clowney and David Njoku.

Takk McKinley would normally be included on the list, but since he has an Achilles tendon injury, it’s not clear that he will play in 2022. Anthony Walker, Jr. tentatively makes the list on the grounds that he is believed to have qualified for a 7th round pick on behalf of Indianapolis, although that was canceled by the signing of offensive tackle Sam Tevi.

However, after being recycled once by the Browns, Walker may or may not make the list again this season.

Free agents who may bring compensation.

Player                    Position        Age  2021 Salary

Jadeveon Clowney   EDGE         29    $8,000,000

David Njoku                  TE            26    $8,191,434

Takkarist McKinley* EDGE        27    $4,250,000

Anthony Walker Jr.**  LB           27    $3,000,000

*injured and may not play.

 **may or may not bring in a 7th round pick

As a guess, Clowney and Njoku will be in line for pay raises and could justify fourth to fifth-round compensatory picks. There are other free agents leaving that probably are not going to bring compensation. They are listed below.

Free agents who are probably not bringing compensation.

Player                    Position        Age  2021 Salary

Malik Jackson            IDL              32    $3,750,000

Chris Hubbard            LT               31    $3,500,000

Rashard Higgins       WR             28    $2,377,500

M.J. Stewart                 S                27    $1,270,780

Malcolm Smith          LB               33    $1,212,500

2021 was one of the most favorable markets for signing free agents because Covid caused NFL-wide revenues to decline drastically, which in turn resulted in a drop in the salary cap allowance for each team. This year, however, NFL revenues are back, and it is going to be one of the most expensive free-agent markets in history.

Teams are going to be shocked at the prices that are going to be paid compared to last year. Agents are going to be overjoyed.

The Browns would be wise to keep at least one compensatory pick. That means signing one major free agent, with the remaining free agents under the threshold for canceling the compensatory draft pick. That is, one player in the Clowney range and everyone else below the Anthony Walker, Jr. line.

If the free-agent signee is not a defensive end, strong consideration should be given to using high draft choices for expensive positions such as defensive end or cornerback if they can be day one starters, because it is unlikely that a good starter can be found at those positions at the Anthony Walker pay limit.

Discipline is needed to bring home an extra draft pick or two every season. Anyway, when the big dollars kick in for Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield, it will not be possible to throw money at multiple big free agents year after year.

Thus, they are better off keeping their eye on the compensatory pick. Avoid signing the unnecessary free agent who will once again torpedo their compensatory draft picks. Especially this year, with the influx of salary cap dollars, the Browns must not rush out and sign overpriced free agents. This is especially true if the Browns are hitting on picks like Donovan Peoples-Jones and Demetric Felton in Round 6. They cannot just throw away the opportunity to obtain more picks.

Since the Browns think they are so short on wide receivers, they might as well re-sign Rashard Higgins. There is no Odell Beckham, Jr., bless his heart, and some thought will be given to cutting Jarvis Landry on the grounds that he had a down year and his salary is too high to have a down year. Maybe so, but in 2022’s free-agent market, his salary is not as crazy as we might think.

Anyway, every year they try to fire Higgins, and then they realize he catches passes. Just sign him.

Note also, if they can bite the bullet on Jarvis Landry, if he leaves after completing his contract the Browns will probably get a fourth-round pick when he leaves. Cut him now, and receive nothing. If they re-sign Higgins and keep Landry, then all of a sudden there is no crisis at wide receiver, with Landry, Peoples-Jones, Higgins, Andrew Schwartz, and Demetric Felton in the slot. It’s not necessarily a strength, but it’s not a crisis, either.

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The Browns should not be throwing away compensatory draft picks. Signing millions of dollars of very overpriced free agents — at least double the price of last season’s crop — this offseason is just not a good idea on its own merits, and losing draft picks makes it a doubly bad idea. This year, it’s time to cool it, sign mainly those players who do not count against the compensatory draft pick system and catch up to the other teams in the AFC North.