Jarvis Landry cryptic post hints he’s ready to leave Browns


Jarvis Landry released an Instagram post that holds a cryptic message that may signal his time with the Cleveland Browns is over.

Another day, another news cycle where Jarvis Landry inserts himself. It’s common place these days, as the Cleveland Browns receiver who many claim “changed the culture” of the organization once again says or does something cryptic, putting himself front and center in the news cycle.

In the past, Landry has posted cryptic tweets that signaled he was unhappy in Cleveland. A few seasons ago, he also reported was telling opposing teams to “come and get me” before games. While Landry has always discredited these rumors, including talking to other teams prior to games, as the old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Always.

After remaining rather quiet since the Odell Beckham saga that saw the star receiver released, Landry broke the silence with another cryptic message late Monday night. He posted a video on Instagram of him driving, with a voice in the background saying “You’re not where you want to be…you feel like you’re supposed to be somewhere else.”

Is Jarvis Landry unhappy in Cleveland?

Once again, Landry is making it seem like he’s not happy in Cleveland, as he has a few different times in the past. Not only was he one of the most vocal in support of Beckham before his departure, but he also recently liked several tweets Beckham made that insinuated he got better because he was no longer with the Browns and having to play with Baker Mayfield as his quarterback.

If Landry feels the same way that Beckham and at least half the fan base does in regards to Mayfield, and that he’s holding the team from getting where it needs to go, then this post could be him venting and saying he’s ready to move on.

With him seen as a leader, outright asking for a release may not look good to other potential suitors, and walking away from $16 million is a very difficult thing to do.

Regardless what happens in this situation, one thing remains obviously clear: Landry never was the culture changer he was made out to be in Cleveland. He was a good player brought to a bad team, was the loudest voice in the locker room, and often times a bad teammate on the field and on the sidelines.

The Browns should do exactly what Landry’s video says and let him go somewhere else, somewhere where he wants to be.

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Not only will it help clean up the salary cap situation that is impending doom for the organization, but it will also help clean up the locker room of one more overhyped player.