5 Browns players to be excited about in Preseason Week 1

John Suchan
Browns, Deshaun Watson
Browns, Deshaun Watson /
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Browns, Deshaun Watson /

Player No. 1: Deshaun Watson, QB

It was announced on Wednesday by the Browns that Deshaun Watson would be the starter Friday night against Jacksonville. He hasn’t played in a game since January of 2021, so this moment for him will be symbolic in certain ways. No, it’s not the regular season and this game doesn’t count in the record books but it’s an opportunity for Watson to play and knock off some rust.

We’ve watched him throw pass after pass in training camp, and after a while, all the passes look the same when you watch the replays on video. So now we’ll see just how talented Watson is and why the team made such a financial commitment to bring him to the team.

There have been plenty of Watson jerseys sold and many fans will be wearing them Friday night ready to see their new star throw a touchdown. We don’t know what the NFL plans on doing with Watson and an impending suspension. The initial suspension was set at six games, but the NFL didn’t like that number and appealed the ruling, so we wait again to see what happens with any additional games added to that original six games.

Whatever happens with the Watson ruling is out of our control, but for the game on Friday, we’ll get to see No. 4 in orange and brown representing Cleveland. Not every one that cheers for the Browns is a fan of Watson and that won’t change for many people, but for those that are fans, hopefully, Watson will show off his football skill set that has made him one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

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