Baker Mayfield licensed shirt throws shade at Browns

Baker Mayfield, Panthers. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield, Panthers. (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /

Baker Mayfield recently denied making a comment about his former team but a new licensed shirt definitely throws shade at the Browns

Well, we all knew it would happen. Baker Mayfield has always been an emotionally-fueled player and usually doesn’t hold back when discussing an opponent.

With him set to start his first game for the Carolina Panthers against the Cleveland Browns, it was a bit surprising that he had been so subdued when speaking about the matchup. Mayfield would admit it meant something to him, but that’s as far as he would go.

Then, the preseason came to an end and things have begun to change. First, there was a claim from Cynthia Frelund that he said he would “- them up” when asked about facing his old team. Mayfield claimed that’s not what he said but then just two days later, he gave the Browns more fuel by supporting a licensed shirt that throws shade at the Dawg Pound.

Baker Mayfield adding fuel to Browns fire

The ‘off-the-leash’ shirt is far from a huge dig at his former team but it does indicate that Mayfield ‘broke free’ from the Dawg Pound. That in itself won’t get his former teammates fired up, but it could mean they’re more likely to believe what Frelund said was correct.

And while Mayfield has always been able to get himself fired up with a little trash talk, Myles Garrett has said the Browns would use this to their advantage as well.

In the end, the back and forth means nothing. Teams can say all they want they take something extra into a game but it rarely means anything. These are professional athletes who take their jobs very seriously. Garrett would give 100 percent no matter who they were facing in Week 1 and Mayfield would do the same for Carolina.

It does, however, make it more entertaining when there’s some back-and-forth, especially for the team that eventually comes out on top.

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