Cade York kicks the monkey off Cleveland Browns back

Cleveland Browns, Cade York. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns, Cade York. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

Rookie FG kicker Cade York was a controversial draft pick. But today he kicked a large and long menacing monkey off the Browns back.

The Cleveland Browns front office and coaching staff have slowly been turning the franchise into a respectable winner. They led this team to a winning record, a playoff birth, and a playoff win. But today two decisive turns were made, thanks to rookie kicker Cade York.

Cleveland hasn’t won a game to open the season since 2004. That changed on Sunday. The Browns finally put to rest one of the most laughable streaks left for the television media to splatter on the screen every season opener.

Better than winning the season opener was how they did it. Long has the fan expectation of thinking the Browns were going to win only to lose it in the end, long has the feeling of “yeah, but they will mess this up” and long have Browns fans heard former offensive tackle Joe Thomas describe the feeling on the sideline as “here we go again” plagued the franchise like a giant monkey on their backs.

This feeling was making itself felt in the way the oppression can only be felt. It was there when fans endured the 0-16 season where at least three games were lost due to missed field goals. The ominous feeling pervades every time they started to blow a fourth-quarter lead. It’s there to remind you that as a Browns’ fan, you will never be truly happy.

On Sunday, it looked like the Browns would blow it again. That the same old Browns have come back for another season. It seemed that former quarterback Baker Mayfield would have his revenge. After the Browns blew a 13-point lead, it seemed the “here we go again” monkey would have the last laugh.

“Not today!” said Cade York (probably).

Chosen for the moment

That monkey didn’t count on a fourth-round draft pick chosen for exactly this moment. Chosen to kick “here we go again” into the past. Chosen to kick that monkey off the Browns’ back. Chosen to kick that monkey’s anus into orbit.

York stepped up, like a man destined to slay years of emotional trauma, and fulfilled his destiny. With eight seconds left in the game, York lined up for a 58-yard field. The kick looked wide right until it swerved back, splitting the upright perfectly. With that kick, years of heartbreak, defeatism, and “here we go again”, slid right off the team’s back. Cleveland would have the last laugh now.

All that was left was joy. There is joy in Cleveland.

I must admit I generally dislike all kickers. In fact, I am notoriously famous for my hatred of kickers. Today, once again, a kicker made me cry. But this time it was tears of joy. Tears that one can only cry when that ominous monkey is finally kicked off your back.

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