Myles Garrett has a lot to learn about leadership

Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

Not only was the loss for the Cleveland Browns brutal on Sunday, but some of the quotes from Myles Garrett were even worse.

I have seen a lot of bad losses by the Cleveland Browns since their return in 1999, but Sunday’s debacle may have been the worst yet.
The kick-six vs. Baltimore and the bottlegate game vs. the Bears are the only two that even come close.

In case you didn’t see, the Browns scored with 1:55 to go and went up 13 points. They then missed an extra point, gave up a 66-yard touchdown pass, couldn’t collect an onside kick, and let the Jets drive 53 yards in one minute to take the lead.

Keep in mind all of this happened while the Jets had zero timeouts.

It’s easy to say that if Nick Chubb hadn’t scored and just got down the game would have been over, but even I (who is always on edge about a Browns win) didn’t think they could screw Sunday’s win up.

Myles Garrett comments are off base

Maybe the most brutal part of the day was the quotes from Myles Garrett after the game.  Mentioning that he was disappointed in the booing that came after the loss.

Really, Garrett, you are disappointed you got booed? I would argue that there won’t be another comeback of that sort for the remainder of the year in the NFL. Had I been at that field yesterday, you can bet your bottom I would have been throwing the boo birds more than anyone.

The people you should be worrying about are the ones who left after the Chubb touchdown thinking there was no way this could not go the Browns way.

If we are keeping notes, let’s not forget Garrett’s multiple untimely encroachment penalties and giving up on a play because he wanted a false start called, which led to a huge run late in the game.

Garrett is as talented as anyone on this roster or even the NFL, but the guy just can’t put all the pieces together. I’m starting to wonder if he has that killer instinct it takes to become an elite player in this league, or if he knows leaders (which he claims to be) are supposed to take ownership, not look at who else to blame.