Browns Amari Cooper proving he is still a No. 1 wide receiver

Browns, Amari Cooper. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Amari Cooper. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cowboys gave away wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Browns in the offseason and so far all he has done is prove he is still a number 1 option.

So far the early returns on the Cleveland Browns trade with the Dallas Cowboys for wide receiver Amari Cooper have the Browns winning the trade by a lot.

Some questioned why Dallas was willing to part with him for cheap, asking if he wasn’t as good as he once was. So far this year it seems like Cooper heard those comments and is on a mission to prove he is still a No. 1 option in the NFL.

Cooper is producing a ton of separation against defensive backs and giving quarterback Jacoby Brissett a great target in the passing game. Even in Week 1 when his statistics didn’t suggest it looking at the tape he was causing the Panthers corners all kinds of headaches. Cooper is just an incredibly polished route runner that understands how to attack both man and zone coverage to exploit any holes in coverage.

If you are a young wide receiver wanting to watch tape on route running you need to watch Cooper operate. He isn’t a slow player but he shows that the little things like route running can make him just as dangerous as a guy that has blazing speed.

Likely the Browns will start to see teams double Cooper as he continues to roast opposing defensive backs and it will result in other players needing to step up.

But as long Brissett has he’sr playing on this level the passing attack will continue to get the job done.

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