Don’t worry Browns fans, LeBron James is a fan. Again.

Browns, LeBron James. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Browns, LeBron James. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

LeBron James switches NFL allegiance more often than he does employers and he’s now a Cleveland Browns fan again after being mad at the Dallas Cowboys

There might not be any NFL fan more difficult to keep up with than LeBron James. An Akron, Ohio native, James grew up a fan of the Dallas Cowboys but has constantly claimed to also be a fan of the Cleveland Browns.

He then likes to continually remind us that he’s “now a Browns fan” as if this is a new development. He did this last season when on the ‘Manning-Cast’ as he was all about the Cleveland franchise when they beat the Chicago Bears. At that time, he said he was offered a contract by the Dallas Cowboys even, never really saying anything bad about the team ‚— instead, just claiming he was a hometown fan suddenly.

Now, James is again saying he’s a Browns fan while claiming he cannot morally support the Cowboys franchise due to their stance on the National Anthem.

The issue James has revolved around Dallas owner Jerry Jones saying players will stand for the National Anthem or they won’t play for the team. While he’s far from the only person to be opposed to this stance, the timing for bringing this up is beyond odd.

These comments about the anthem were made back in 2017 and he didn’t denounce his fandom then. Instead, he decided to do it during an Instagram Live with agent Maverick Carter.

LeBron James has been a Browns fan for a while, even though he hasn’t

If you thought James was already a Browns fan, it would be understandable. If you thought he wasn’t, that would also be understandable.

If you couldn’t care less, that would be logical.

For some reason, James continues to make sure we all know where he stands on things when it comes to his rooting interests — but the real question is whether or not he knows. For example, this is at least the second time James has made sure everyone knows he’s “now a Browns fan” but he was supporting them back in 2014 when they added Johnny Manziel.

Of course, he’s also been seen wearing Cowboys gear while also appearing at Los Angeles Rams games.

With all that being said, he probably has a similar rooting interest as Rob Lowe — which is totally fine.

It’s cool to simply like football for the sake of liking football. At least Lowe has no problem proudly displaying this.

Now maybe he can hook James up with his fashion designer and get him hooked up with the right gear and we will all stop worrying about which team he’s rooting for, because he likes them all.