3 surprises about Dolphins that give the Browns an advantage

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Raheem Mostert. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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No. 2: Miami is about streaking

Miami is riding a three-game win streak and for most teams that would seem like a distinct advantage over their opponent. But when you look at their schedule, you’ll notice they started out by winning three games in a row. However, they proceeded to lose the next three games and now they’ve recovered and won three again.

If you like math and believe in patterns that would indicate that the Browns probably have as good of a chance of beating the Dolphins as anyone — as they haven’t been able to win that fourth game in a row. It only makes sense that the Dolphins would begin a three-game losing streak with the Browns beating them on Sunday.

That might be some wishful thinking, but the NFL is a strange place at times made up of a lot of oddities. The idea that the Dolphins might be on the verge of another three-game losing streak might not seem logical at this juncture, but if it can happen once, it can happen again.

Miami opened this past season with wins over the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Buffalo Bills. The Ravens’ victory was a big comeback for the Dolphins, as they were down by double figures for much of the first half.

But then the Dolphins hit a snag over the next three games when they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings (although Tagovailoa was hurt during this stretch). At the time, some of those losses seemed odd because those opponents were struggling a bit like the Bengals. But now the Jets and the Vikings are both winning this season and those wins for the Dolphins look more impressive.

This latest three-game win streak for the Dolphins has been more of a struggle as they have snuck by in wins over the lowly Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, and most recently the Chicago Bears.

If this pattern of streaking continues down in Miami, then the Browns have a mathematical advantage. Will that actually happen?