3 problems with Kevin Stefanski as the head coach of the Browns

Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kevin Stefanski has been having a difficult time coaching the Cleveland Browns and time is running out for the coach as his team continues to lose

The Cleveland Browns continued their struggles this season as they lost badly to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday 39 -17. Their head coach, Kevin Stefanski, continues to say the team needs to take ownership when these losses occur and get better. He says this almost every week with little evidence to suggest his team is buying into that mess

The Browns had their bye week this past week, giving them extra time to prepare for the Dolphins. Cleveland notched a win before the break when they beat the Cincinnati Bengals so there was a bit of hope in the air coming into this game. Miami has a talented team, especially with their offense so the fact that the Dolphins won the game was not a complete shock to most people, but it was instead how poor the team responded in this game that has fans frustrated again with the team and their coaches.

Stefanski, as the leader of the team, is really struggling at this point of the season. Every week he talks about how disappointed and frustrated he is as a coach after these losses that are becoming all too frequent, but that message doesn’t seem to be having much positive effect on his team as they try and win the next one. The season isn’t over yet for the Browns, but it certainly doesn’t feel like there’s much to be hopeful for.

There are several glaring problems with Stefanski and how he is coaching this team as to why the team continues to struggle. Let’s take a look at three issues with Stefanski’s coaching.

3 problems with Kevin Stefanski as Cleveland Browns coach

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Problem No. 3: His offensive schemes are predictable

Stefanski’s team seems like they just are going through the motions on both sides of the ball at this point. The first series of plays is always scripted going into a game and the Browns got off to a good start against the Dolphins. They initially went up 7-0 after they scored on their first possession of the game. But from that point forward the game was a disaster and many Browns players seemed lackluster again in their efforts.

Have you noticed how Browns running back Kareem Hunt always plays in the third offensive series? He’s been there every time like clockwork. If we the fans can predict what the Browns are going to do on offense, won’t opposing coaches be able to do that too?

While Stefanski is continually being given a pass for his offensive play calling while we lay blame on the lack of effort or talent on the team, the play calling continues to be predictable. If we are sitting at home or watching from the stands, we can predict what Stefanski’s next move or play is going to be. That can’t be a good sign for any coach.

In his first season, Stefanski was successful in an odd pandemic 2020 season. Maybe it was the empty stadiums and maybe it was just because opposing coaches didn’t know how to prepare to coach against Stefanski. Whatever the case, teams have figured out Stefanski now and how he coaches.

What Stefanski can do to change this narrative is anyone’s guess at this point, but it could be good to start by changing up the fact that Hunt is always the running back in the third series of the game.