Browns: Kevin Stefanski fires back at Myles Garrett, says he only ‘speaks for Myles’

Browns, Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Kevin Stefanski. Mandatory Credit: Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports /

Myles Garrett continues to throw coaches under the bus and Kevin Stefanski might have had enough as the Cleveland Browns head coach finally responded

Ever since the Cleveland Browns lost to the New England Patriots in 2021, Myles Garrett decided he was going to speak up as a leader. The only problem is that he seems to lead by throwing people under the bus.

Garrett, who didn’t appreciate being called out by a teammate when Baker Mayfield said that physical assault was bad, has been willing to take on anyone. However, the coaching staff seems to be the main target for him.

That was the case once again following the loss to the Buffalo Bills. After their defeat, Garrett decided to blame the coaching staff for not preaching turnovers enough. While it’s interesting to know coaches have to tell players turnovers are good, the more interesting tidbit would be the response from head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Clearly tired of Garret speaking without saying anything back, Stefanski said “Myles speaks for Myles.” He added that the team does preach turnovers and even said he planned on talking to Garrett about his latest comments. And he should because once again, the leader of the team decided to paint the coaching staff in a negative light.

"“Again, Myles speaks for Myles,” Stefanski said via Mary Kay Cabot of “I’ll talk to him about it. I know this, we put a lot of emphasis on takeaways in our building. We haven’t gotten them. That has been our issue. In these games, we have to take the football away, and we’ll look for ways to do that.”"

Stefanski sees Browns preparation differently than Garrett does

The fact that Stefanski and Garrett aren’t seeing eye to eye on what’s being preached in practice is concerning, to say the least. The issue this season has been the way no one is on the same page – and to blame Stefanski is looking past one major fact – the problems are unique to the defensive side of the ball.

We can blame coaching all we want and Joe Woods will likely be on the way out this offseason. But looking past a team leader putting everyone except himself on blast would be a mistake. The “me-first” attitude has gotten bad in Cleveland.

Denzel Ward has used his stats to defend himself while John Johnson III and Grant Delpit have passed the blame for missed assignments. Throw in Garrett saying the Dolphins coaching staff was far better prepared than his while ignoring the defensive line being blown off the ball by a physically superior team and it’s easy to see there’s a huge fracture, and it goes much deeper than the man calling plays.

It appears Stefanski is seeing this, but hopefully, it’s not too late to repair things.