3 reasons for less optimism even with Deshaun Watson return

Deshaun Watson, Browns
Deshaun Watson, Browns /
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Browns, Deshaun Watson
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Reason No. 1 – Deshaun Watson can’t play defense

My biggest reason for caution for the Deshaun Watson return hype, this guy unfortunately can’t play defense. And while the unit had their best game of the year vs. Tom Brady and the Bucs, this is still one of the statistically worst defenses in the league.

The offense is certainly key in this league now, but the Browns continue to prove that you must have at least a decent defense if you truly want to be a contender. Remember, Brissett has played out of his mind for much of this season and the offense really hasn’t missed a beat.

The defensive tackle situation continues to be a major concern, and the safety play has also been less than stellar. It doesn’t matter how good your quarterback is, if a team can just run the ball and keep him off the field, there isn’t much chance for success.

Don’t get me wrong, the Cleveland Browns are a better team now with Watson at quarterback. For as well as Brissett played, he is still just an elite backup quarterback who would struggle to carry a team to the playoffs by himself.

But there are still a lot of issues on this team that one player, unfortunately, won’t fix.