Deshaun Watson: A case for a fresh start with the Browns

Browns, Deshaun Watson. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Browns, Deshaun Watson. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

Deshaun Watson refused to answer questions about the accusations that led to his suspension and one critic said that’s what’s needed for a fresh start with the Browns

Ever since the Cleveland Browns started to kick the tires on a trade for Deshaun Watson, Tery Pluto from has let it be known he didn’t like the decision.

While the primary reason was the off-field concerns, Pluto also wasn’t a fan of giving up six draft picks and a massive contract in order to secure him. However, Pluto is now one of the few members of the media that’s willing to give Watson a fresh start — and also shows some understanding as to why the quarterback elected not to discuss anything other than football at his Thursday presser.

After saying again that he would never have made the trade, Pluto then said that nothing Watson did on Thursday would have satisfied anyone — no matter how they felt about the situation.

"“Those who believe Watson deserves a fresh start would think there was no need for him to go back over that old road.Those who remain angry about Watson would be unhappy with whatever he said. It’s why I wasn’t surprised the Browns went with a ‘football only’-themed press conference. They needed to find a way for Watson to start fresh with the fan base.” — Pluto,"

Watson and his team clearly felt the same way which is why he was only looking forward when discussing his return to the field.

Deshaun Watson can immerse himself in football

Pluto also said that Watson could very well be rusty in his return since he hasn’t played in nearly two years, and chances are he’s right about that. But he also added that Watson has been through a lot in his own life.

The Clemson product has been open about this before as he watched his mom battle — and beat — tongue cancer while in high school and lived in a two-bedroom apartment with seven people at one point in his life.

No matter what, Watson has been able to use football as his “comfort zone” (as Pluto called it) and he will be doing the same as he makes his return to the NFL.

It’s a chance for a fresh start for Watson and some are willing to give him that.