Browns: Key takeaways from Jim Schwartz press conference

Jul 30, 2013; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz during training camp at Detroit Lions training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 30, 2013; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz during training camp at Detroit Lions training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports /

Jim Schwartz was introduced as the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator on Wednesday. Here are some takeaways from his introductory presser.

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns wrapped up their defensive coordinator search as they selected Jim Schwartz for the job.

On Wednesday, he met with the media for the first time as a member of the organization. Here are a few key takeaways from his introductory presser.

Jim Schwartz has history with the Browns.

Cleveland sports fans love their rich history and Schwartz gets that. Before diving into his press conference, he told a story about his early days in the NFL — which started with Cleveland. Schwartz was a scout in 1993 and stayed with the franchise through the move to Baltimore.

He spent a minute reminiscing about buying a couch from Dante Lavelli who was a receiver for the Browns in the 1940s and 50s. Schwartz said he met “Glue Fingers” through Dino Lucarelli who was the team’s public relations director at the time. His reverence for his roots was cool to see and he seems genuinely happy to be back.

He also had a fun story about making Bill Belichick mad by eating the last of the turkey during his early days.

He likes the way Jimmy Haslam operates

Schwartz has been on several different teams and has worked with a variety of owners. Armed with that information, he said he likes the way Haslam is — which is hands-on. While some think this is a detriment, Schwartz said it was one of the reasons he signed on.

"“Attractive here, I think it always starts with ownership. I have seen a lot of different ownerships, but I appreciate hands-on ownership. I appreciate owners that are willing to make the improvements/capital improvements in order to be successful. I see that here” — Schwartz on why he liked the job in Cleveland."

In addition to Haslam, he had a relationship with Andrew Berry who was with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019 while Schwartz was their defensive coordinator.

He has a defensive plan

Schwartz likes what he sees on the roster as well. He spoke on Myles Garrett and what he expects from the star defender. He also said he plans on holding his best players the most accountable as a way to set the tone.

He even seems to be sold on the current linebacker corps. Schwartz discussed how size isn’t key at the position, which is good since the Browns have several players on the lighter side — such as Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. He prefers explosiveness and instincts, which is what they have in JOK.

He’s down with the numbers

With his “no nonsense” attitude during games, it might seem as though Schwartz isn’t into analytics. But that’s not the case. He said there’s never “too much information” and the key is to glean what’s important.

He’s the opposite of Kevin Stefanski in one way

Cleveland’s new defensive coordinator is vastly different from Kevin Stefanski in one way — he has a lot to say. Stefanski often keeps things close to the vest and doesn’t over-speak. As for Schwartz, he ended the meeting by apologizing for being long-winded. He added after that how honored he was to be back in Cleveland.

It was a pretty informative session and introduced us to the man who will be behind the defense. He’s served in several roles from scout to defensive coordinator and even head coach. He’s been able to learn something in each role and says he’s ready to help this team take off in 2023.