Browns: Myles Garrett at the center of Jim Schwartz hire

Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

Jim Schwartz was hired to coach the Cleveland Browns defense and the No. 1 reason he was chosen is the belief he will help Myles Garrett take another step

The Cleveland Browns know they have a superstar in Myles Garrett. And while he’s already No. 1 in franchise history in terms of quarterback sacks, they feel as though he still hasn’t reached his full potential.

Knowing how dominant he can be, the Browns made sure that he was their top priority when searching for a new defensive coordinator. Following several interviews, Cleveland hired Jim Schwartz, a move that has received positive feedback.

According to Mary Kay Cabot, Schwartz ended up being the choice for two reasons. One is his proven track record of success in the NFL — and he was by far the most experienced coach they interviewed. The second reason is that the defense he runs is expected to benefit Garrett.

In six seasons in the NFL, Garrett has 263 tackles and 74.5 sacks. He tied his career high in sacks with 16 this past season and had a personal-best 60 tackles. Overall, he was a monster in the defense led by Joe Woods, racking up 48 sacks in three seasons.

Even so, there’s a belief that Schwartz can unlock even more potential for Garrett. He understands the game better than many coaches and will move Garrett around in order to get him the premium matchups — and this time, Jadeveon Clowney won’t be there to get upset over that.

Cleveland made a bold move last offseason when they added Deshaun Watson. While it’s true they’re banking on the offense taking a step forward, an improved defense could be an even better path back to a winning record.

That’s why they brought Schwartz in. Now we just have to see if the move pays off.