2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Browns climb to No. 6 overall

The Cleveland Browns are now 9-5 and land well within the top 10 in these 2023 NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 16

Cleveland Browns
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24. Atlanta Falcons (6-8)

Losing to the Carolina Panthers is bad. Sure, that's a divisional rival but the Falcons were still in the NFC South race but that loss may have put them out of it. For the rest of the year, they need to focus on figuring out whether or not Desmond Ridder is their guy.

23. Chicago Bears (5-9)

Chicago won two weeks in a row and nearly made it three. But the Cleveland Browns had other plans thanks to a fourth-quarter comeback win. Now, they're 5-9 and will have a lot of questions, including what to do with Justin Fields who has been playing much better as of late. They can add Caleb Williams since they own the Panthers pick but then they'll need a suitor for Fields.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (6-8)

The Las Vegas Raiders scored 63 points on Sunday, which might be more than they did the entire time Josh McDaniels was their head coach. They're sitting at 6-8 but shouldn't try and take too much from this win. The Chargers were awful and made life miserable for themselves — but the first-down celebration from Austin Ekeler while trailing by 56 was a sight to behold.

21. Green Bay Packers (6-8)

It's still weird to see the Green Bay Packers play like a normal team. For years with Aaron Rodgers, they were one of the best in the league and consistently winning 10-plus games. Now, they're 6-8 and trying to decide if Jordan Love is the answer for them.