2023 NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Browns climb to No. 6 overall

The Cleveland Browns are now 9-5 and land well within the top 10 in these 2023 NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 16

Cleveland Browns
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8. Detroit Lions (10-4)

The Lions lost to the Bears which raised a few concerns — especially since they had just lost to the Packers two weeks prior. They silenced the noise, however, with a convincing win over the Denver Broncos this weekend. They dropped 42 points on them and are back in contention for the No. 1 seed in the NFC— although they'll need some help to pull that off.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (9-5)

The Chiefs might be the defending champs but they have a lot of questions right now. They were able to win this past weekend but Patrick Mahomes has been beyond frustrated with his receiving corps. If they wind up not repeating, it will be due to their lack of depth at that position.

6. Cleveland Browns (9-5)

This has been a year to remember for Cleveland fans. The Browns have battled through adversity like no other franchise and despite being on their fourth quarterback, they're currently 9-5 and in control of their playoff lives. The Browns have proven they can go up against anyone and even when the odds are against them — as they were in Week 15 — they can't be counted out.

No matter what happens in the playoffs, they've proven themselves a worthy contender this year. They're finally learning how to win and will head into 2024 with even more confidence. They'll also surely be coming into the year with a head coach on a brand new extension thanks to the work Kevin Stefanski has done despite countless injuries this year.

5. Dallas Cowboys (10-4)

At home, the Dallas Cowboys are arguably the best team in the NFL. On the road, you never know what you'll get. This Sunday, they were a disaster and surrendered nearly 300 yards on the ground in a 31-10 loss to Buffalo. They were fortunate the Eagles lost on Monday, which keeps them ahead in the NFC East. For now.