3 Big storylines in the Cleveland Browns preseason finale

The Cleveland Browns are wrapping up their preseason game schedule in Kansas City on Sunday. Here are three big storylines to watch for in the preseason finale.

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Browns big storyline No.3: Can DTR overtake Dobbs as the backup quarterback?

When the Browns selected Dorian Thompson-Robinson in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft, there is no doubt it was with the intent of securing their backup quarterback of the future. But…is the future now? Thompson-Robinson has looked phenomenal thus far through training camp and his preseason appearances.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that someone with the immense experience DTR had in college, five years as a starter (due to covid), would look as poised as he does. However, the offense he led under Chip Kelly while at UCLA is wildly different than the system he is currently in under Kevin Stefanski. Thompson-Robinson appears to be thriving and progressing with each preseason game appearance.

But has DTR showed enough to the coaching staff for them to move Thompson-Robinson ahead of Josh Dobbs as the team’s backup quarterback? If it is a question of upside, then it would be a no brainer to declare DTR as the backup. However, given where the team is in their ‘win now window’, Stefanski might prefer the floor of Dobbs to steady the ship if Deshaun Watson were to miss time.

Saturday in Kansas City will be Thompson-Robinson and Dobbs’ last opportunity to display their value in a live game scenario before the regular season. Given that both should be locks to make the roster, we most likely will not know the team’s final decision on the backup quarterback until September 10th. But if DTR has another strong showing on Saturday, he could find himself as the next man up in the quarterback room.

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