3 biggest changes Cleveland Browns must make in Week 13

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2. Stick with what's working, ditch what isn't

It's been stated continuously — this Cleveland defense is playing very well this season under Jim Schwartz. Led by NFL Defensive Player of the Year candidate, Myles Garrett, they're first in the league in yards surrendered and seventh in points. That means the offense can be patient and stick with what's working.

This isn't to say they need to just run the ball and abandon the pass as some suggest. But instead, they just have to be smart. Use the run when it's working — like in Week 12 when Jerome Ford had 65 yards on nine carries. Also, use the short passing game when that's there — with players such as David Njoku, Elijah Moore, and Amari Cooper, those plays will be there a lot.

We saw this when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers back in Week 11. This was when Dorian Thompson-Robinson made his second start of the season and instead of trying to call a game as if Deshaun Watson was still under center — which is what happened in the rookie's first start back in Week 4 — Stefanski called several screen passes, with Njoku gaining yards after the catch at such a high rate they made a T-shirt to honor him.

What they can't do is try and run their offense as if Watson is still under center. Sure, he had the arm strength to throw it on a dime 59 yards downfield and hit his target. Neither P.J. Walker nor Thompson-Robinson have been able to do that, so why try it?