3 Browns players who will benefit the most from Ken Dorsey hiring

Elijah Moore had a career-high 640 yards in his first season with the Cleveland Browns but he's one of 3 players who can take off under Ken Dorsey

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2. Elijah Moore, Wide Receiver

We all know Stefon Diggs saw an uptick in production when Ken Dorsey took over but that was expected. Diggs is an All Pro wideout and seeing him go from 1,225 yards to 1,429 wasn't entirely shocking. But what might have been missed was the increase in production of the players around him.

Isaiah McKenzie is a prime example as he had a career-best campaign with 423 yards and four touchdowns on 42 receptions. He parlayed that into a deal with the Indianapolis Colts and managed just 82 yards and no touchdowns in 11 catches. As for his replacement, Khalil Shakir, he finished 2023 with 611 yards while averaging 15.7 yards per grab.

Gabriel Davis is another player who excelled under Dorsey. He had 599 yards as a rookie followed by 549 in year two. Then in 2022, he went for 836 yards on 46 receptions with seven touchdowns. For Davis, this was an average of 17.4 yards per grab. He continued to play well in 2023 with 746 yards and seven touchdowns and was one of the players who seemed to take a step back when Dorsey was let go.

All of this bodes well for Elijah Moore. Dorsey knows how to get the No. 1 option going but that hasn't stopped him from making sure the ball gets to the other players as well. And when they can stretch the field like Moore can, they will get the chance to do exactly that. This makes Moore one of the players who will benefit most from this move.