3 Browns players who stood out on offense in preseason finale

• QB1 making electric plays

• David Njoku has a chance at a Pro Bowl season

• Fighting for a roster spot

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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1. Deshaun Watson, QB

The fans have finally seen what they have been waiting for from Deshaun Watson. The magical play-making ability, with touch and precision on his passes. He did not play flawlessly as he only completed five out of ten passes for 92 yards, but he did have a 115.4 rating and a couple of beautiful throws.

One should not overlook the bad plays that Watson had as he did miss some fairly easy passes by throwing them a little short or too low for his target to make a catch. Except after watching his bounce back to those errors is what will be talked about and replayed. Bad throws can be cleaned up and fixed, but the other passes he completed were a sight for sore eyes to fans.

To score the Brown's first offensive touchdown of the game, was the the first standout throw by Watson. On the previously mentioned fingertip catch by Njoku, Watson put the ball in a place where only Njoku would be able to make any sort of play on it. That accuracy and touch on the ball is what you want to see from your quarterback and you only see it from the top passers in the league.

On Brown's second touchdown drive, the pocket collapsed and Watson made a play with his legs long enough for Amari Cooper to do what he does and get wide open. Watson threw a running 34-yard pass to Cooper who was pushed out of bounds after gaining an additional 19 yards for a 53-yard gain. This is the vintage Watson you cannot wait to see play on Sundays when the regular season finally arrives.

Now no matter who you are, we still do not know if Deshaun Watson is back to his old form, but the play that you have seen from him so far is an amazing indicator that he is close.