3 Browns preparing for their final season in Cleveland

These 3 Browns aren't likely to return in 2025
Cleveland Browns, Elijah Moore
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2. Jedrick Wills, Left Tackle

It's hard to find a player who takes more criticism from the fans than Jedrick Wills. That's saying a lot since a certain $230 million quarterback has played in just 12 games over the past two seasons and failed to come close to expectations in those 12 games.

Wills was taken 10th overall out of Alabama in 2020 making him the first selection under Andrew Berry. Originally a right tackle for the Crimson Tide, Wills moved to the left side in Cleveland and had lofty expectations placed on him.

As a rookie, he played well despite the majority of the offseason work being done virtually due to the pandemic. Since that season, however, Wills has struggled. He's been inconsistent but has also dealt with nagging injuries which might have played a part in this.

Wills started poorly in 2023 but finally began turning things around before suffering a knee injury. Like many other starters, he was sent to the IR and Wills had surgery to repair his knee.

Cleveland previously exercised the fifth-year option in his rookie deal meaning he would return in 2024. He was also expected to have competition due to this recent draft class being loaded at tackle. That's not going to be the case since the Browns didn't select any tackles.

Even with that security this year, it's hard to see Cleveland turning to him again in 2025. Unless Wills figures it out and becomes a consistent force at left tackle, he's going to be looking for a new home in 2025.