3 Browns starters who will be replaced in the NFL Draft

Which Browns starters could be replaced in the NFL Draft?

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Browns starter to be replaced No. 1: Nick Chubb, RB

No matter how many times I remind fans that Nick Chubb likely won’t be around next season, it isn’t any easier to hear. I’m realistic about the situation, but when that notification comes that the Cleveland Browns and Chubb have broken ties, there will be a pit in my stomach because of just how good he has been the last few years.

The injury last season was the nail in the coffin, but even if healthy I’m not sure that Andrew Berry was ever prepared to pay a running back nearly $16 million in one season. While it will be a sad day in Cleveland, there is a great chance that Kareem Hunt and Chubb will both be gone in 2024.

Jerome Ford did a solid job of filling in for the remainder of the 2023 season, but I’m not sure I saw anything that has me super excited for his return in 2024. The offensive line play was well below average with all the injuries, but it still appears that he is a mediocre NFL running back.

With all that being said, look for Berry to take a running back at some point in the draft. Running back is always interesting in the draft because guys can tend to slip. Berry could be aggressive early in the draft if a guy he likes is there, but I’m guessing it will be in round four or later when he makes his move for his Chubb replacement piece.

We’ve already seen moves this offseason that tell us the philosophy of this team is changing, and this draft pick will fit that mold as well. Look for Berry to find a quick scat back that can run between the tackles if needed but is more equipped to catch the ball out of the backfield and hit the outside quickly. 

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