Browns media takeaways: Update on Nick Chubb, Deshaun Watson from Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry

Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry each met with the media this week and spoke on the Cleveland Browns offseason plans

Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns have their decision-makers in Indianapolis for the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. The exciting part of the week begins on Thursday as players take to the field for drills but that doesn't mean there wasn't some interesting discussion early in the week.

Tuesday saw general manager Andrew Berry talk to the media and he went into detail on his aggressive approach, admitting he doesn't like to hold onto money for too long. He then freed up more as it was announced Wednesday morning that Denzel Ward restructured his deal to free up more than $11 million.

Berry then gave an update on quarterback Deshaun Watson, saying he’s going to begin throwing next week. He added that he felt good about Watson’s recovery.

“Deshaun will begin throwing next month. He’s worked his tail off in terms of his rehab and recovery. He’s in a really good place. We’re excited when the spring hits and we can get him back on the field, but he’s making really good progress and we’re really excited to see that continue.”

Another topic was, of course, Nick Chubb. Berry said there was no real update but promised any changes would be shared immediately.

“I understand that Nick is a popular discussion point. I meant what I said about him at the end of the season, any conversations that we have with him or his reps honestly will stay between us. If anything were to change with the status, you guys will be the first to know when that does happen.”

Berry said that Chubb has been “working his tail off” to get back to the field. Of course, the question about his contract will come back up but the two sides have yet to dive in.

Browns head coach spoke on Myles Garrett, NFLPA report card

On Wednesday, it was head coach Kevin Stefanski’s turn with the media. He too said he was happy with Deshaun Watson’s progress and added that he and offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey will meet with him next week.

"He's hitting all of his milestones," Stefanski said via the team's website. "Ken and I are going to go out and see him next week and spend some time. Not talk football, just catch up. Won't see him throw, but just want to check in on him. But I text him almost every day, so he's in a good place."

He then dove into the importance of the combine, especially with late-round picks — which is important for a team without a selection on Day 1. He admitted their time with each prospectis limited so Stefanski praised their scouts for the work they do in this process.

"It's really important," Stefanski said. "And I think we try very hard here to get in front of the players. We'll have Zooms with the players that we don't catch here, and players in our building in the spring as part of our 30 visits."

One other topic was on the recently released NFLPA report card. The Browns didn't fare well at all, coming in 23rd out of 32 teams. A major gripe was the lack of a weight room but Stefanski said the team is building one now — and added that his door is always open for those who want to bring up any concerns.