Alarming issues spotlighted as Browns are slammed in NFLPA report card

The Cleveland Browns need to work on how they treat players and their families

Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam
Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The NFLPA annual report cards are in and the Cleveland Browns have some work to do. Out of 32 teams in the league, they scored 23rd overall according to players when judging several key aspects of the organization. Focusing on areas such as treatment of family, the locker room, the training area, coaches, ownership, and food provided, the Browns fell short.

Cleveland finished outside of the top half of the league in every category with their weight room coming in as their worst at No. 30. Their top area was ownership, which was ranked 17th in the NFL. Beyond that, there were a lot of concerns with the treatment of families earning a D-.

Below are the two main issues players had with the way the organization treated their family and the second one is a major red flag.

  • "The postgame family meet-up area is a tent in the parking lot, which is rough in the winter weather"
  • "Early in the season, the team was not allowing players who had been carted off the field with a significant injury to contact their wives or loved ones from the locker room to let them know how they were doing"

Thankfully, this report says this was an issue early in the season. Hopefully, this changed because it's unbelievable to think someone couldn't tell a loved one how they were doing after suffering an injury on the field.

Another major area of concern is the weight room, where the majority of the players felt the equipment was below average and didn't have enough equipment. They also report that the current weight room is a temporary one that takes up 15-20 yards of their already limited indoor practice space. Although Kevin Stefanski has recently said they're building a new one now.

The training room is also an issue with there being claims that the room is understaffed. Physical therapists and trainers seem to be limited, which could help explain why the Browns suffered so many soft tissue injuries not just in 2023, but over the past several years.

We all hope to see some of these problem areas addressed but they went from 21st in the NFL in 2023 down to 23rd this year. If there were no changes from the previous report card, there might not be much this time around either.

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